To Lay Hold Of Unity
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When a couple seeks marriage counseling, one or both have recognized that the marriage isn=t working and that they are falling short of what could be.  Although the focal problems may be issues of money, sex, communication, impurity, disciplining the children, dealing with in-laws, etc., usually the underlying issue is the division or separation that exists at the heart level.

Separation is a fundamental work of sin.  This can be seen in the transition from Genesis chapters one and two to Genesis chapter three.  In chapter two, the man and the woman were cleaved together, one flesh, naked and unashamed (vs. 24-25).  They dwelt in the garden where God walked, and together shared in the mandate to be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over every living thing on the earth (Gen 1:28).

Once sin entered through their response to the serpent=s temptation, they hid from God (Gen 3:10) and the unity between the man and the woman broke down (Gen 3:12, 16b).

Our goal in marriage counseling is to help couples end the separation and division and to lay hold of unity or oneness of heart that was God=s plan at the beginning.  This can only be attained as each spouse allows Jesus Christ, who has already broken the power of sin and opened the way for reconciliation, to deal with them at the heart level.

Attempting to bridge the gap first at the level of surface issues generally does not release much grace.  Rather it at best achieves something like one sees in international relationsB detente, demilitarized zones, peaceful coexistenceB where there are still separate, independent countries each pursuing its own national interest.

It is better to get at the heart.  Through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus reveals those areas that are withheld from God and/or from spouse and are given to self.  Through humility, faith, and obedience, each spouse can receive grace to put away the things in their own heart that separate, and draw near to God and to spouse.  As they grow closer knit, more of one heart and mind, they can begin to mutually agree on answers to the surface problems and work together to carry out those solutions.  And in the doing of that, they experience the power and soul satisfaction of walking together in agreement.

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