"Receive With Meekness..."
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The Word of God is living and active. Like seed, it contains the life and power of God, ready to germinate, once it is sown in the human heart. Planted there, it releases its life and power, transforming the human soul.

As Biblical counselors, we know that God's word really does change lives. The word of the cross is the power of God unto those who are being saved. So we minister God's word in order to release God's power.

But for the word to accomplish its work, it must be received. James 1:21 (NASV) says:

"Receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls."

Another translation (KJV) puts it:

"In humility receive the word implanted...."

Meekness or humility is the heart attitude which receives the Word of God for what it really is. It lets the word in to do its work.

But many times, Christians resist the word, rather than receive it. Subtle inner attitudes, like unbelief, fear, independence, or rebellion, surface when God's word comes to them. Their heart raises an objection as to why the word can't or doesn't apply to them. To the promises of God's word, they say "yes, but...."

The Word Based Counselor works with their client to identify and to remove the resistance in their heart and life to God's word and to prepare them to receive the word in humility, that it may transform their life.

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