Psychological Counseling
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Most of the counseling available these days to people facing problems is psychological in nature. Psychological counseling is based on theories and techniques devised by humanistic men, most of whom were openly opposed to God.

They sought wisdom and insight about people and how they could change, all the while rejecting the revelations of God's Word and wisdom.

There are hundreds of psychological theories and techniques. Most of them conflict with and contradict each other. Most psychological counselors are "eclectic," picking and choosing whatever approach or combination of approaches they happen to favor at the time.

However, common to all these theories is the belief that man is fundamentally good, not sinful; that his problems are due to others and not to his own sin; and that man can find within himself, not in God, the power to change.

Within the church, so many who counsel have chosen to integrate psychology with the Bible. Well-meaning Christians, trained in psychological techniques and theories, have in essence declared that the Scriptures are inadequate and that we have to turn to the revelations of godless men for help. They do not believe that God has given us in Christ all that we need to live godly and victoriously.

However, it is only through the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives are really changed. For true and lasting change only happens through the cross and the resurrection working in lives that are being yielded to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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