"You're My Last Hope"
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So many times people come to us saying, "I've tried everything and your ministry is my last hope." They are sincere, Bible-believing Christians, but something in their life has overwhelmed them. They are so beaten up, they aren't able any longer to stand in faith on their own. When they say to us, "You are my last hope," that's what they really feel like.

These people are like the paralyzed man in Mark Chapter 2:1-12. That man, sick of the palsy, had lost his ability to move. He needed Jesus but he couldn't get to Him on his own. So four people carried him to the house where Jesus was preaching the word. When they arrived, they had to work through some obstacles until they could lower the man into Jesus' presence. As they did, Jesus looked on their faith--not just on the paralyzed man's faith, but on the faith demonstrated by all of them as they worked to get the man to Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus forgave the man and healed him.

As Word Based Counselors, we are like those four friends. Our job is to get the one who has lost hope to Jesus. And just knowing that begins to impart hope.

We are confident that Jesus has the answers. So as Biblical counselors, we begin to seek the Lord on our client's behalf. As we minister to the client concerning the obstacles that separate them from Jesus, we know that Jesus will provide answers and solutions to their problems. He will set that person free to walk in wholeness of life.

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