"Helper" means "To Prevent"
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In seeking to understand what it means for a wife to be a Ahelper@ suitable for her husband, it is useful to consider how the word Ahelp@ is defined in the English language, and then to see how that aspect of Ahelp@ plays out in the relationship between a wife and husband. One definition of Ato help@ is Ato prevent or to hinder.@ These words mean to obstruct or to intercept the approach or access of something; to stop, interrupt, or impede something from moving forward in time or progression.

A wife often functions in this aspect of Ahelper@ when she sees a potential problem or threat on the horizon, especially something that imperils the relationships or well-being of her family. Looking Awell to the ways of her household@ (Proverbs 31:27), she approaches her husband and sounds the alarm. She says, AI see a problem down the road.@ She wants them to look at it together, get into agreement, pray, and take action to prevent or hinder the problem from occurring or growing.

Unfortunately, when she begins to speak, what often happens is that her husband gets defensive, offended, or annoyed. He may react to her timing, or her tone, or just to the fact that she intruded with an issue. This is especially true if he is part of the issue concerning which she is sounding the alarm. He may think, AShe likes to worry, she thrives on problems, she makes mountains out of molehills.@ He doesn=t see what she sees, so therefore, it isn=t there, and furthermore, AShe doesn=t know what she is talking about.@

With that, she is still stuck seeing the problem and is left to deal with it, as best as she can, alone. Having been ignored or rebuffed by her husband, a wife sometimes mistrusts, suppresses, or stifles her discernment. The overall result is that God= s provision of early warning is, to some degree, rejected and nullified.

On the other hand, if her husband understands and accepts her function as Ahelper,@ he will trust her and think, AGod is alerting my wife to see something I don=t see.@ And he will say to her, AHelp me see what you= re seeing, and let= s deal with it together.@ Then, forewarned and forearmed, they lay hold of God= s provision for victory.

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