Continuing In Sin
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One of the reasons that Christians continue in sin is that they often do not really comprehend its sinfulness. While bound up in the practice of some sinful way, they may tend to minimize its consequences, both in their own lives and in the lives of those whom their sin affects.

They may deny the grip of its power over them. They may avoid seeing the pain and devastation it causes. They may not realize how much inroad it gives the devil. And they may be blinded to how much it limits the purposes of God in and through their lives.

But Scripture reveals that sin is exceedingly sinful. Its wages really are death. Paul speaks (Romans 8:2) of a "law of sin and death," or, in other words, of the way that sin works to bring forth death. The sinner sets the law of sin in motion through the act of sin. But once set in motion, the consequences of sin will run their course of death and destruction, unless there is repentance through which the mercy of God can intervene.

Word Based Counseling often provides the setting in which a person can see the cost of their sin. Through the admonition of the word of God, through the accountability that is a part of the counseling relationship, and through the input of others, such as their spouse, who may be involved in the counseling with them, a person can often finally allow the Holy Spirit to convict him thoroughly.

In that conviction, the commands of God are quickened to the heart, revealing sin to be utterly sinful. Then, repentance, freedom, and restoration can come.

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