Marriage Counseling at Total Life Ministries

When a couple seeks marriage counseling, one or both spouses have recognized that their marriage isn't working, and that their relationship is falling short of what it could be. Although the focal problems may be issues of money, sex, communication, impurity, disciplining the children, dealing with in-laws, etc., usually there is underlying division or separation at the heart level.

Our goal in marriage counseling is to help couples lay hold of the unity, the oneness, the true partnership, that has been God's plan for marriage since the beginning.

Through the Word of God and the working of the Holy Spirit, Jesus reveals those areas that are withheld from God and/or from one's spouse and are given to self. Through humility, faith, and obedience, each spouse can receive grace to get free of the things in their own heart that separate, and to draw nearer, both to God and to their spouse. As the couple grows more closely knit, more of one heart and mind, they can begin to mutually agree on answers to the surface problems and work together to carry out those solutions. And in the doing of that, they experience the power and soul satisfaction of walking together in agreement.

When you come for marriage counseling, your and your spouse will each be seen separately to begin with. (The wife will see Kay Williams, and the husband will see John Williams). This allows each of you opportunity to fully share your situation with your counselor, and to begin to receive personal ministry and counsel. As counseling progresses, John and Kay will confer together, and when the timing seems right, they will bring you and your spouse together in joint sessions.

(Because you are seen individually at first, it is not necessary for you and your spouse to schedule appointments at the same time--unless you prefer to for your own convenience).

Sometimes, only one spouse is interested or willing to get counsel for their marriage. If this is your situation, we encourage you to pursue getting help through individual counseling. Many times, after one spouse has begun counsel, the other spouse will also be willing to participate.

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