Financial Policy

Total Life Ministries is committed to providing quality Biblical counseling and personal ministry that is also affordable. To this end, Total Life Ministries has held the cost for a fifty-five minute individual counseling session to $75.00. The monies Total Life Ministries receives through counseling are used to pay the overhead and operating costs of the ministry.

To make the cost less burdensome, some clients space their counseling appointments farther apart.  In addition, because Total Life Ministries is a ministry, some people pray about applying a portion of their offerings towards their cost for Word Based Counseling.  Also, some local churches have monies designated for helping their members get counseling assistance, so you can ask your pastor or church office if help is available.

Because we strive to keep the client's cost to a minimum, the expenses of running TLM have never been fully covered by counseling fees alone. In addition to counseling fees, TLM depends on the freewill gifts and offerings of past and present clients and other friends of TLM who are committed to helping us keep the doors open. It is these contributions that enable us to offer affordable counseling.

Total Life Ministries is a 501(C)3 religious non-profit corporation registered in the state of Texas.  All gifts are tax-deductible; fees for service are not. 

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