About Total Life Ministries

Total Life Ministries was established to make Word Based Counseling available to Christians in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Called by God to stand with hurting people, the staff of Total Life Ministries sought answers in God's Word for the problems facing their clients. The scriptural approach to Christian counseling that emerged is called Word Based Counseling. Total Life Ministries is a religious non-profit corporation registered in the state of Texas. The ministry is supported by fees for counseling and by donations.

Since 1985, Total Life Ministries has been under the care of John and Kay Williams. John is a native of Maryland and a graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.A. in psychology. He attended Christ For The Nations Institute at Dallas, Texas in 1981-1982. After graduating, he joined Total Life Ministries as a counselor. Kay, a native Texan, joined the staff of Total Life Ministries in 1980. In 1982, she began overseeing the training of counselors.

Together John and Kay are committed to providing quality Biblical counseling to the body of Christ. They are mature Christians, grounded in the Word of God, who demonstrate the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They are equipped to teach, pray, counsel, encourage, admonish, discern, and challenge to Godliness. They are ministers of the Gospel with extensive experience in Word Based Counseling at Total Life Ministries.

(Word Based Counseling is a registered service mark in Texas of Total Life Ministries.)

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